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I jus watched The Crocodile for the first time and it’s safe to say I love Hook. I just, look at him! 


okay yeah thats great everyone is returning to OUAT this season so where the hell is Jefferson?



WOOOOOW!!! Epic fan video by Evgeniya Koshmar!!! EPIC!!! 

somewhere past the setting sun (emma/hook; charming swan family) | (1/?)


Title: somewhere past the setting sun

Summary: She has wild, curly hair and a pretty open smile.Emma finds herself at the Baelfire Home, the Storybrooke Orphanage, more often than not because of h e r. It’d be a nuisance, if she didn’t enjoy it so much.

Notes: Chi (captainswans) started this, and Pearl (lydiamaartin) basically wrote this whole thing and I just put it to paper. Blame them. Part 1 in this Canon-Divergence AU starting from s3 finale if Elsa & Frozen didn’t happen, and calm happened instead.

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Our beloved - Sheriff Graham! <3

Hey Everyone my name is Erin and I love the shows TeenWolf Once and Doc Who and a whole lot more :)